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Photo shoot  with Mariya Mova- Accredited and Published photographer (magazines include Oxygen, Iron Man, Women's health and fitness, etc), artistic director, photo shoot assistant, image and fashion consultant.


BIKINI (American) issue 18, October 2015- Model: Silvia Karais

OXYGEN  February issue 2015- Model: Justine Switalla

IRON MAN Australian issue July 2014- INBA Southern Cross photo report 

IRON MAN Australian issue May 2013:Melody Carstairs featured

OXYGEN-February issue 2013- Krista Antoniou featured

OXYGEN- Sept/ Oct issue 2012,Models: Dion Panage, Sarah Taylor

OXYGEN- April/ May issue 2012, Model Dylan Flannery

OXYGEN- February issue 2012, Model Amelia Ricci

IRON MAN- December 2011. Full Photo report by Mariya Mova INBA Australian titles

OXYGEN-October/ November issue 2011- Model Amelia Ricci 

IRON MAN- August 2011- interview and photos of Daniel Hill 

Shepparton newspaper August issue, Models Heather Brassil 

OXYGEN- August/ September issue 2011, Models Victoria May, Justine Switalla article

OXYGEN- April/ May issue 2011, Model Kelli Wain

NZ FITNESS-April/ May issue 2011, Model Justine Switalla

IRON MAN-January 2011, Model Dave Nelson 

IRON MAN-Interview of Obi Obadike withMariya Mova published in Iron Man magazine issue 1 January 2011

IRON MAN- issue 12 December 2010, Model Dave Nelson

IRON MAN-November 2010, 10 pages full photo report on INBA and NABBA Australian titles 

OXYGEN-Oxygen 42 issue 2010, Models Victoria May, Sterling Rawson

Fytness Fanatik -May issue 2010, model Melissa

WOMEN'S HEALTH AND FITNESS- May/July issue 2009, models Melody Carstairs

WOMEN'S HEALTH AND FITNESS-September issue 2009